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Several bonsai species that you would find in our galleries are : Rhododendron, Ficus Compacta, Jumper Rigida, Carmona Mycrophylla, Podocarpus, Wrightia Religrosa, Phyllantus Niruri, Pyracanta Grenulata, Hibicus Tiliaceus, Carmona Mycrophylla, Ficus Benjamina, Juniperus Cinensis, Phemna Microphylla, Juniperus Rigida, Ficus Microcarpa, Ficus Compacta, Serisa Fotida, Malphigia, Pyracanta Grenulata, Triphasia Trifolia, Maiphigia Coccigera, Ficus Longisland, Triphasia Trifolia, Erica, Black Pine, Phempis Acdula, Ficus Compekia and many more. Enjoy the true art of Bonsai !





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About Bonsai Star - “BONSAI STAR” is a bonsai gallery from Indonesia that has been collecting bonsai since the eighties.  We only collect the best Indonesia bonsai, from potential resources to precious masterpieces.  Our experiences and knowledge will guarantee the quality, beauty, and artistic of our bonsai collections


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